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Snow Cape - Expo 2020 Dubai

Pavilion | Special Construction

The General Contractor for construction of the Finnish pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Inspired by the white blanket of snow that covers the Finnish landscape in winter, the Finland pavilion resembles a white tent made of snow. The visual identity of the Finnish pavilion is a meld of Finnish and Arab cultures, the latter a nod to the location of Expo 2020 Dubai – the elaborately draped main entrance gives visitors the feeling of entering an Arabian tent.

A celebration of two distinct cultures

The combination of Finnish natural design and innovation with visual features from the Arab world make the pavilion unique and a celebration of two distinct cultures of the guest and the host countries. Finnish construction elements and materials played an important role in the design of the “Snow Cape” pavilion. Finland has a unique and long tradition in design and architecture and the pavilion narrates this heritage.

The star feature of the pavilion is the dynamic wooden room titled the Gorge. A simple and sophisticated structure, the Gorge is the cool and shaded respite from the ambient heat, and the epitome of serene simplicity that distinguishes the Finnish pavilion from the others at Expo 2020.

Role of expomobilia

Assigned as the General Contractor, Expomobilia coordinated the entire project with the architect and the executing company, taking into account the local building regulations and special requirements as a part of Expo 2020. All transactions between the client and Expo 2020 were also a part of the project remit. Expomobilia were also responsible for the entire project management, on-site construction management and final handover.

Main challenge: the wooden extensions with many inclined and intersecting surfaces

The Gorge is a sanctuary of a silence, relaxation and lingering. This reflects the human nature of the Finns who have an inner calm no matter how stormy it is on the outside. Whilst the pavilion seems inconspicuous from the outside, the real enormity of the space is exhibited in the Gorge and the exhibition hall.

In the pavilion the Gorge symbolises the Finns’ closeness to nature and personal exchange. This in turn resonates with the motto of EXPO 2020 Dubai: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Project challenges

  • Deliver the quality-level as benchmarked within Expomobilia

  • Deliver the quality-level as benchmarked within Expomobilia

  • The Gorge and the skylight above were the main construction challenges. The wooden extensions with many inclined and intersecting surfaces was accomplished with well-coordinated teamwork.

Technical details

Pavilion size

1550m² of which built-up area is 931m² and usable areas 1,876.30m²

Service period

Planning: 11/2019 – 07/2020
Construction: 07/2020 – 08/2021


Master builder and steel construction work, ventilation and air-conditioning, indoor sanitation and hygiene facilities, fire protection systems, CCTV monitoring, membrane work, interior fit-out