Sophisticated Custom Constructions

Pavilion | Special Construction

Unique Solutions for Extraordinary Projects

We specialize in developing innovative construction solutions for even the most extraordinary formats. From stage designs and international exhibitions to pavilions for world expos and custom technical installations, we execute every project with precision and passion.

Each custom construction is unique and tailored specifically to your individual requirements. From planning to turnkey implementation, we support you in all phases of your project.

Global Projects – Local Production

Thanks to our global network of specialist engineers, architects, and subcontractors, we can execute projects anywhere in the world.

Mockups and prototypes are developed by our production team in our own workshops and set up, tested, and adjusted by our technicians in our production hall in Effretikon / Zurich.

Did You Know That We Also Produce In-House?

This in-house production capability allows us to offer our clients first-class solutions from a single source. By having direct control over the production process, we ensure the highest quality and maximum efficiency for every project.

Our Workshops

Our Promise

We provide innovative construction solutions with precision and passion. Quality is our top priority, from developing mockups to precise implementation. With us, you have a reliable partner by your side, bringing your visions to success.

We Love Crazy Ideas!

As a general contractor, we find affordable, technical solutions for both down-to-earth and completely crazy ideas. We bring these ideas to life in any format and on any continent.

Make Your Visions Real