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Philosophy and Values

Sustainability at expomobilia is more than a guiding principle – it is our indispensable approach to action.

We think about tomorrow and rely on innovative ideas to continuously improve and make existing products and processes more sustainable – because there is no Planet B.

Sustainability as a Holistic Approach

We understand sustainability as a holistic approach. It encompasses ecological aspects, as well as the well-being and safety of our employees, and our longevity and business success as a company. In accordance with the three «ESG» pillars (Environmental, Social, Governance), we have defined and implemented sustainability for ourselves as follows.


The environmental aspect is integrated into our business activities on various levels:

  • For the products we offer, we consider environmental impact, design, and manufacturing. These criteria influence our choice of suppliers and subcontractors.

  • When implementing projects around the world, it is important for us to build up local competencies and work together with local partners.

  • At our locations in Effretikon and Fehraltorf, we operate two photovoltaic systems with a total area of 3000 m². These systems generate an average of 435 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 125 households.

  • We source our electricity from 100% Swiss green energy provided by the independent green power specialist FAIR POWER. The CO2 emissions from hydropower production are fully offset by the Fair Recycling Foundation. By using green energy, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 112 tons compared to conventional market electricity.

  • We meet the heating needs of our company buildings through the district heating network operated by the Electricity Works of the Canton of Zurich.

  • We place great emphasis on constructing booth with long lifespans and high reusability. To achieve this, we use a wide range of materials that are either reusable or biodegradable, as well as lighting fixtures with durable light sources.

  • We use CO2 calculators for the accounting of projects as well as for our own CO2 balance. With proper planning and the implementation of climate protection projects, projects can be executed in a climate-neutral manner.


The core values and corporate culture of expomobilia are established in the mission statement and code of conduct of the MCH Group. Here are the key values and principles we respect and follow:

  • - We respect the fundamental values of a democratic constitutional state and a free and social market economy. Compliance with legal regulations and the application of sound business practices are a given for us. Our decisions are always focused on economic, ecological, and social sustainability.

    - We approach our customers professionally, aiming to satisfy them with high-quality services.

    - We continuously strive to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our work, anticipate future developments, and offer innovative solutions.

    - We work independently, think entrepreneurially, and promote productive collaboration with all our colleagues across internal organizational boundaries.

    - Our actions and behavior are guided by the principles of passion, professionalism, entrepreneurial spirit, agility, and trustworthiness.

  • Our corporate management actively advocates for compliance and sustainability, which are firmly embedded in our business model. Through regular risk analyses and collaboration with the Group Risk Management of the MCH Group, potential issues are identified and addressed. These are presented in the Enterprise Risk Management Report, which also evaluates environmental performance and compliance. Our ICT systems are designed to meet compliance requirements and are regularly reviewed and kept auditable.

  • Our employees are our greatest asset. We actively ensure their health and safety by implementing all measures for health and accident prevention. We encourage them to support these efforts and comply with the relevant regulations. We also promote a healthy work-life balance through appropriate measures and benefits that contribute to a positive working environment and a good corporate culture. We actively encourage our employees to improve their working conditions.

  • We consistently comply with legal requirements (e.g., EKAS 6508, SUVA guidelines, etc.) and make our clients aware that our precautions deserve attention beyond price considerations.


Sustainable management means implementing our projects cost-effectively and profitably. We also continuously evaluate innovations and processes. Revenues are reinvested to integrate new technologies into our daily business. With steady growth, we hire new employees. The training and further education of our teams are the foundation to remain competitive in the future.

  • An operational environmental management system aims to pave the way for optimized energy and resource efficiency, leading to cost savings. When environmental requirements are considered early in the development process, more innovative and environmentally friendly projects can emerge. This also increases legal certainty and allows for financial relief. All optimizations should consider the synergies available within the MCH Group and across the entire corporation, ensuring they are effectively utilized.

  • expomobilia integrates sustainability into corporate planning and communication. We develop specific guidelines, report annually on performance indicators, and strengthen sustainability across all business areas. Communication is an integral part of our sustainability strategy, ensuring transparency and credibility.
    MCH Group Sustainability Report

ISO Standard 20121

Sustainable Event and Exhibition Management

ISO Standard 20121 is a management system that defines processes to implement sustainable event and exhibition management.

In 2022, Expomobilia received ISO Standard 20121 certification. The ISO standard was audited by external auditors. For the certification, the Expomobilia team identified the following action areas and sustainability topics:

  • Resources

  • Logistics

  • Management systems

  • Health and occupational safety

  • Compliance

With the ISO Standard 20121 certification, Expomobilia commits to maintaining these action areas and sustainability topics at the desired level and to review each year where further improvement potential exists.

The certification was carried out in collaboration with Expo Event.

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