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Exhibition Management

Exhibition management for
Paris+ par Art Basel

expomobilia was heavily involved in developing and planning the new art fair. Beginning in the early conceptual phase, we supported Paris+ with our extensive know-how. Joining forces with the design agency, our experienced team members helped plan the event’s layout. Additionally, we were tasked with setting up the logistics structure at the Grand Palais Éphémère and coordinating local and international suppliers.

Our team was also tasked with setting up the logistics structure at the Grand Palais Éphémère and coordinating international suppliers. Within only six weeks, our team successfully received, planned, and realized the orders of the 156 participating galleries.

156 Galerien stellten an der ersten Ausgabe der Paris+ parArt Basel aus.

A new art fair for Paris

Art Basel won the bid for the new French contemporary and modern art fair in the Grand Palais in Paris. Following a public tender by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, Art Basel signed a contract to carry out the Paris+ for the next seven years. The first edition was held from October 20 to 23, 2022, in the Grand Palais Éphémère. The event featured 156 leading galleries from over 30 countries and regions, 61 from France.

The Grand Palais Éphémère offered visitors a phenomenal view of the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower.

Planning and construction

Our team planned and built the entrance and the special areas, including cafés and collectors’ lounges. On top of that, our staff members were responsible for exhibitor management. Using specially developed software, they coordinated incoming requests from the exhibitors, who could use the online software to book the floor space and components they needed – including walls, lights, floors, ceilings, podiums, and booth niches. Our team went the extra mile for exhibitors with challenging needs, advising them individually, and making it possible for us to respond even to unusual and last-minute requests.

156 galleries exhibited at the first edition of Paris+ par Art Basel.

A new show in just nine months

Paris+ par Art Basel was planned and executed in a record time of just nine months. Within six weeks, our team received, planned, and realized the orders of the participating galleries. All the while, we were able to benefit from the long-standing routine and experience of our colleagues from the Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami shows. Our team also has a vast network of partners, indispensable in temporary construction to reliably carry out requests that come in at the last minute.