International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum

Roadshow “En prison”

Brand | Experience World

Room design according to modular principle

“Prison” (French for jail), the traveling exhibition has been commissioned by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the Confluence Museum in Lyon and the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden.

It is currently being showcased at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva until August 2019. With its forward, unconventional and avant-garde design, the exhibition looks at the subject of incarceration from all angles- from imprisonment and exclusion to detention conditions, social reintegration and restorative justice.

In-house production

expomobilia managed the overall in-house production of fittings, graphics as well as the printing, delivery and installation of this travelling exhibit. The modular room and wall elements of the installation offer high levels of flexibility, hence enabling the mobility and versatility that are crucial whilst executing a roadshow. All of the elements have been specifically designed and entirely manufactured in-house by Expomobilia as compact units, that can easily be installed and delivered to diverse locations.