Deutsches Museum Nürnberg

Museum of the Future

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What does the world of tomorrow look like?

At its new location in Nuremberg, the Deutsches Museum explores the topic of “The Future”. The museum’s interactive exhibitions present research projects that span various thematic fields, including: Work & Everyday Life, Body & Mind, Earth, City, and Time & Space.

The concept and interior design were contrived by the creative minds at Atelier Brückners in Stuttgart.

The five thematic areas of the museum showcase techniques and technologies that could influence, change, or completely reshape our future. The museum features science and industry prototypes that are blended with visions of the future from both art and science fiction.

Furniture and showcase construction

The three-storey exhibition area comprises around 120 stations over 2,900 m². Each station was creatively and carefully designed by Atelier Brückner in collaboration with the museum’s curators.

expomobilia oversaw the detailed planning and technical development of the furniture, pedestals, and showcases. Approximately 150 pieces of furniture and display cases, which house the museum’s exhibits, have been build.

The minimalist design was made of steel and glass in three colours: white, grey, and black. These colours each represent technology already in use, partially viable technology, or technology that only exists in our dreams.

Combination of system construction and custom-made products

While modular system elements were used for some of the exhibits, our team developed about two-thirds of the pieces as one-offs to accommodate special dimensions or functionalities.

Our engineers developed clever solutions to meet the museum’s needs. For example, the glass of the display cases can be fully opened like a drawer or folded upwards, despite the fact that the glass panes used by our team weighed up to 450 kilograms.

Around 25 tonnes of tempered clear glass were used for the exhibit display cases.

Coordination was key

The museum awarded 15 contracts to various companies in their public call for tenders. As a result, the Expomobilia team was involved in the furniture construction for one exhibit, while also being responsible for the lighting, graphics, exhibit construction, and electrical systems. The need for coordination between trades and industries was crucial for the project’s success … in addition to lots of patience and a good dose of humour.

Technical details

Service period

July 2020 – September 2021

Scope of services

Technical conception, detailed planning, production and installation of furniture and the museum display cases

  • 350 custom kinetic pieces

  • 25 tons of tempered clear glass for the display case covers

  • 1,300 metres of powder-coated aluminium tubes

  • 1,000 metres of powder-coated steel tubes

  • 240 m² of drywall, plus concrete-look walls and glass partitions