MEG Musée d'ethnographie de Genève

Fairy Tale Factory

Brand | Experience World

Interior design including magic lanterns, dioramas, mirrors, optical illusions and scale changes

“The Fairy Tale Factory” exhibition, commissioned by the Ethnographic museum in Geneva (MEG), opened to the public in May 2019. The MEG highlights traditional stories with this exhibition. Eight tales, little or unknown to the general public, are staged in “Theaters of the Imagination”. Magic lanterns, dioramas, mirrors, optical illusions and changes of scale allow to immerse oneself in the history and to free oneself from the rules of the real world.

expomobilia constructed the exhibition walls, produced the interior fittings of the theme rooms and the showcase enclosures. We collaborated with Holzer Kobler Architekuren, implementing their concept and set design for bringing the unique versions of traditional fairy tales to life.