Bregenzer Festspiele

Kinematic Hand for Verdi’s Rigoletto

Pavilion | Special Construction

Brilliant performance by our engineers

Located in the heart of Europe on the bank of Lake Constance and surrounded by an impressive mountain landscape, the Bregenz Festival has offered a special combination of nature and culture since its opening year in 1946. Superlatives are found at every turn, such as the globally unique size of the lake stage with its approximately 7,000 seats and high-end stage technology.

We acted as general contractor for one of the kinetic set design pieces for the production of ”Rigoletto”. The unique element “Hand Lindau” could be precisely controlled and moved, almost becoming another character on stage and much more than a decorative piece to be performed upon.

Precise control

Our responsibility was not only to make sure all movements could be controlled and executed as desired by the dramaturgy of the production, but to also guarantee construction in a very limited space as well as health and safety for all of the performers on the hand itself. Our extensive experience as a trade show exhibit company and extraordinary exhibition booth builders enabled us to master this transition into stage design successfully.