ABB’s 125th Anniversary

Tradeshow | Event

An Anniversary to Remember

2016 represented an important milestone for ABB. In 1891, 125 years ago, Charles Brown and Walter Boveri founded their company Brown, Boveri & Cie in Baden. The anniversary was marked with impressive celebrations in Chilbiplatz in the town of Wettingen in the Swiss canton of Aargau at the end of October 2016.

Our scope of services included the entire interior design, construction and decoration of this event.

Special Tasks

expomobilia carried out a number of special tasks, such as providing the four foundations for the industry robots that formed part of a spectacular stage show.

Similar to our work on temporary trade show exhibits, the total area covered by the structures was more than 4,000m² and took only 17 days to erect. All of these preparations and our vast experience as a tradeshow exhibit company resulted in a successful event that fulfilled the end customer’s wishes and complied with the client’s specifications.