Sustainable exhibition stand construction – what you need to know

A climate-friendly exhibition stand requires careful planning. That being said, there’s no need to make compromises in terms of the quality and functionality of your stand. Here are some of your options.

A sustainable exhibition stand as a figurehead

Driven by the global climate crisis, a growing number of companies are seeking sustainable solutions. Communicating their efforts is valuable for corporate branding. Trade shows are a perfect place to showcase your company’s efforts to promote sustainability. After all, your company’s exhibition stand is both its figurehead and its business card.

Well planned is half won

If you follow a sustainability concept for your company’s exhibition stand from the get-go, you won’t need to change anything later. The slogan is: seek alternatives and optimize what’s already there. The conception of a sustainable exhibition stand is primarily about reducing consumables but also emissions. It’s possible without any compromises in terms of quality. It all depends on the right planning.

Using sustainable materials for stand construction

When it comes to sustainability, the selection of materials is arguably where there is most room for improvement. Stand elements are more climate-friendly if they can be reused and are designed to last. If, additionally, they are made of sustainable raw materials, they can help further reduce harmful environmental impacts. Sustainable raw materials grow back naturally and are particularly easy to recycle.

Good to know: Biogenic construction materials made of wood, hemp, or clay are just as sturdy as aluminum or other conventional materials. On top of that, they also have a better carbon footprint. Producing a ton of raw aluminum releases up to 22,000 kilograms of CO2. For wood, that figure is only up to 360 kilograms!

Schroders at the pension fund symposium

The investment strategies of the asset manager Schroders are increasingly characterized by the topic of sustainability. It’s a theme that is also visible in how the firm presents itself to the public. Their 24 m2 event stand was designed and realized using our sustainable modular design wood system.

Consider sustainable digital printing

Here’s something you should definitely consider when designing a sustainable exhibition stand: advertising surfaces. PVC-free print media, for example, release fewer harmful substances into the environment and can be printed using ink based on water, not solvents. Using reusable advertisement banners or ones made of recyclable material further increases the energy efficiency of your exhibition stand. And by resorting to digital solutions such as QR codes, you might even be able to get by without any consumables at all.

Making transportation greener

You can also reduce your stand’s environmental footprint during transport. Reusable transport boxes optimize the use of storage space and protect your stand elements until their next deployment.

What are future innovations in sustainable stand construction?

What will the future bring? One thing is clear: New construction techniques are creating more and more opportunities to design energy-efficient stands. 3D printing processes, for example, preserve resources. Moreover, custom components printed specifically for your stand add a personal touch.

But the future starts today. To design a stand that is both environmentally friendly and unique, you should use existing or reusable elements. And why not combine them with a sustainable construction system? We offer you precisely that with an expo design system made of oak wood, right out of our own workshops in Switzerland.


Let us design your sustainable exhibition stand from scratch or plan an implementation based on an existing design. Request further information.

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