ISO 20121 standard for sustainable trade fair and event management

Sustainable trade fair and event management with ISO 20121 standard

The ISO 20121 standard is a management system that defines processes for sustainable event management. Contrary to other norms, it does not define standardized targets to be met but instead highlights what can be implemented, monitored, documented, or improved. The ISO 20121 standard was used for the first time at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

ISO 20121 certification of Expomobilia

Expomobilia was awarded the ISO 20121 certification in 2022. The audit was carried out by an external organization. For the certification, the Expomobilia team identified the following fields of action and sustainability topics:

  • Resources
  • Logistics
  • Management systems
  • Health and work safety
  • Compliance

The certification was carried out in partnership with Expo Event.

As an ISO 20121 certified organization, Expomobilia has committed itself to maintaining the fields of action and sustainability topics at the targeted level and to reviewing, every year, where there is potential for improvement.

Temporary and sustainable

We proudly bring high-quality projects to life using sustainable, resource-conscious materials and processes. Like the four national pavilions built for the World Expo in Dubai!

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