Sustainable temporary construction

Honoured at the "Big 5 Construction Impact Awards"

Philosophy and values

As a business, it is our responsibility to act sustainably. We aspire to work and live in a way that leaves future generations a world that satisfies their needs. To live up to this ambition, we continuously reassess our existing products and processes, welcome new perspectives, and implement innovative ideas.

Sustainability as a holistic approach

We understand sustainability to be a holistic approach. In addition to ecological considerations, it involves the wellbeing and safety of our employees as well as the continued existence and business success of our company. Aligned with the three ESG pillars (environmental, social, governance), we have defined and implemented sustainability as follows:


The environmental facet of sustainability flows into our business at several levels:

  • Product selection: We consider the environmental impact, design, and production processes of our entire product offering. These criteria feed into the selection of our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Local expertise: When carrying out projects anywhere in the world, we strive to build up local expertise and work with local partners.
  • Photovoltaic installations: At our sites in Effretikon and Fehraltorf, we run two photovoltaic plants with a total surface area of over 3000 m2, which combined generate on average 435 MWh per year.
  • Electricity requirements: We cover our electricity needs using 100% Swiss clean energy provided by FAIR POWER, an independent green electricity provider. We fully compensate for the carbon footprint of hydropower production. By relying entirely on green energy, we reduce our carbon emissions by 112 tons compared to electricity purchased on the conventional electricity market.
  • Heat requirements: We source the heat required for our company’s buildings from the district heating network operated by Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich.
  • Exhibition stand construction using recyclable and biodegradable materials: We place a strong emphasis on stand structures with long service life and a high degree of reusability. We achieve this using, among other things, a broad range of recyclable or biodegradable materials as well as durable lighting solutions.
  • Carbon footprint calculator: We use CO2 calculators to assess the carbon footprint of our projects and our business. Proper planning and compensation of climate protection projects allow us to implement climate-neutral projects.


Expomobilia’s underlying values and corporate culture are stated in the mission statement and the code of conduct of the MCH Group. These are the most important values and principles that guide our actions:

Code of conduct

  • We respect the values of democratic states based on the rule of law and of a free and social market economy. Adherence to laws and serious corporate practices is self-evident to us. Our decisions are always made in alignment with economic, ecological, and social sustainability.
  • We face our customers professionally with the aim of satisfying them with high-quality services.
  • We continuously aspire to increase the efficacy and efficiency of our work, anticipate future developments, and offer innovative solutions.
  • We act on our own responsibility, think entrepreneurially, and promote productive partnerships with all colleagues even beyond our internal organization.
  • In all our dealings and behavior, we are guided by the values of passion, professionalism, entrepreneurialism, agility, and reliability.


Sustainably managing our business requires us to implement our projects cost-effectively and profitably. We continuously evaluate innovations and new processes and reinvest revenue to integrate emerging technologies into our daily business. In times of steady growth, we hire new employees. Education and on-the-job training are the foundation upon which we build our future competitiveness.

Temporary and sustainable

We proudly bring high-quality projects to life using sustainable, resource-conscious materials and processes. Like the four national pavilions built for the World Expo in Dubai!

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