We build

outstanding pavilions

Construction Expertise

Our state-of-the-art construction techniques for any format enables us to deliver the live brand experience at every venue. Experience construction is the final realisation of creativity, meticulous planning and precise craftsmanship.

Our expertise includes building construction as well as interior finishing and design for:

  • Pavilions
  • Special constructions
  • Briefing centres
  • Brand experience centres
  • Showrooms
  • Retail experiences
  • Museums and exhibtions

The Pavilion Magazine

Read about the crafts of architects, scenographers and storytellers who worked to build the Dubai Expo 2020.

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Temporary and semi-permanent structures

As a General Contractor, Expomobilia undertakes the responsibility of complete project management. From planning and construction to hand-over ready structures, we guarantee on time delivery.


We conceptualise, design and build showrooms for brands in line with their brand guidelines and imageries to provide immersive brand experiences for visitors.

Museum and exhibition construction

From architectural design to civil engineering to construction and completion, we create and deliver exceptional and interactive spaces for exhibiting art and artefacts in museums and products and services at exhibitions.

Briefing Centres

We build briefing centres that are comfortable, ergonomic and well-wired with all technological facilities to ensure the maximization of this temporary structure.