Theatre Pavilion for Harry Potter fans

Customer Mehr! Theater Hamburg

Temporary construction in record speed at Hamburg’s wholesale market

Our team built the visitor pavilion for the theatrical world success Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child at Hamburg’s Mehr! Theatre in Hamburg. In the record speed of seven weeks, the electrical, wooden and metal components prefabricated in Switzerland were assembled in front of Hamburg’s wholesale market. The construction was not only completed on time, but also true to detail, free of defects and within the given budget.

The spectacular theatre experience all about Harry Potter

While lorries and forklifts whiz past each other in the early hours of the morning at Hamburg’s wholesale market, in the evening visitors to the Mehr! Theatre. The currently most successful theatre production in the world, Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child, will soon celebrate its premiere there. For this spectacular live experience in two parts, the Mehr! Theatre is being extensively rebuilt. During the intermission between parts one and two, visitors can enjoy refreshments in the specially constructed theatre pavilion.

The Theatre Pavilion

The Theatre Pavilion was designed by Jacob Höppner of the London architectural firm Carmody Groarke and built by the Expomobilia team. The round pavilion has a diameter of 46 m and an area of 1’660 m2. This means that the pavilion can hold up to 1,500 visitors.

Electrical, wood and metal construction were prefabricated in Switzerland and then assembled in just seven weeks in front of the Mehr! Theatre.

An extraordinarily short period of time to carry out the many details as precisely and accurately as our team managed. Project manager Sandro Usznula blames this on the particularly harmonious collaboration with the client and architect: “The collaboration with Mehr! Theatre AG as the client and the architectural firm Carmody Groarke worked exceptionally well.”

Architecture Award

In January 2021, the theatre pavilion received the BDA jury prize Hamburg 1st rank from the Association of German Architects. The jury praised “the silver flying disc in front of the Grossmarkthallen” as a “magical place” and described the style as “cosy, idiosyncratic, spartan and full of character”.