Swiss Krono at Swissbau

Customer Swiss Krono AG

Stand concept and implementation with 223 of the client’s own wood decors

SWISS KRONO AG has its headquarters in Menznau, near Lucerne, and is internationally known for its decorative wood-based materials and laminate flooring. They offer a range of products aimed primarily at architects, designers, carpenters, shop and exhibition stand constructors such as Expomobilia. Thus, our production covers their material requirements for wood-based materials at SWISS KRONO AG. The Expomobilia team was already familiar with their quality products when SWISS KRONO AG invited them to bid for the pitch for the exhibition stand at Swissbau 2020. Our team won the bid by presenting a well very detailed and innovative concept, which emphasised the variety of wood decors.

The design consisted of a frame made of wooden slats that surrounded the upper level of the stand. The frame consisted of the 34 wood and plain decors, which SWISS KRONO AG presents as novelties at the Swissbau.

In order to meet the customer brief, six different “worlds” were created for the product presentation. Each world was a five m2 niche that had wood-based materials built directly into the furniture and floors. Special emphasis was placed on the overall layout because of their target audience’s affinity for design. In the Acoustic World, the impressive SWISSCLIC PANEL ACOUSTIC product is displayed. The acoustic solution drastically reduces disturbing noises and creates an atmosphere of well-being. The Space Worlds were deliberately placed on the two outer sides of the stand, adjacent to the two aisles from where the streams of visitors entered. The meeting and communication zone were moved to the inner part. This gave those interested the freedom to go on a journey of discovery themselves and made the stand invitingly open. The variety of decors and structures was integrated harmoniously into the various “worlds” of the stand in the most aesthetically pleasing and interactive way as possible. Like as sample tree or in the presentation table and the lamps.

Another highlight of the stand is the interactive concern where visitors can get hands- on with the the different structures in the SWISS KRONO product range. By manipulating the mobile lamps and structural patterns, the visitors can better comprehend the variety and appearance of the available surfaces.

The majority of the elements, whenever possible, were made of SWISS KRONO AG material. In total 223 decors in 19 different structures were used.