Pixel Curtain

Customer BMW (Schweiz) AG

Unique, kinetic installation at the BMW Brand Experiece Center

Expomobilia was commissioned by BMW (Schweiz) AG to create a small exhibition stand with an internationally unique kinetic installation, which has become an eye-catcher at the BMW Brand Experience Center in Dielsdorf (CH).

The biggest challenge was the detailed implementation of the booth design by Luxoom Medienprojekte GmbH. Numerous movable elements, motors and the control system had to be assembled by our exhibition booth builders with extreme precision within a very limited amount of space. As a pioneering exhibition booth company, Expomobilia could utilize motors and units that would otherwise be used in space travel. The ‘Pixel Curtain’, with a total of 36 pixels, is controlled by sophisticated software using hand signals. The development of this system took several months. Mechatronics, software and hardware were developed, manufactured and the trade show construction completed by Expomobilia as general contractor.