Kennedy Pavilion

Customer Kennedy Luxury Group

General Contractor at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival

At this year’s Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, held at the beginning of November, the creative hats of the visitors were not the only eye-catching things on display. There were also the exquisite sponsor pavilions. The Kennedy Luxury Group relied on a design by the architects from La Cellula Lab for a temporary exhibition structure, which transported visitors to a modern-day equestrian wonderland.

As general contractor, Expomobilia was responsible for implementing the intricate modular building design of La Cellula Lab. The contract included project management, engineering, production, transport to Australia, and on-site supervision of the installation.

Implementation according to Australian standards

The Expomobilia team faced two challenges at once. First, the project had to be implemented according to Australian standards and each element had to pass through Australian customs on time.

This left only eight weeks to plan and produce the project. Second, the pavilion is to be used over a period of five years, which means that the modular system construction had to be of such high quality that the pavilion could be erected and dismantled several times. A balancing act that the Expomobilia team mastered with flying colours.