Heidi Chocolat Flagship Store

Customer Heidi Chocolat

Alpine chic shop concept

Heidi Chocolat aims to have flagship stores on Europe’s most discerning boulevards. For their redesign and the first implementation in Vienna, our team was asked to create a shopfitting concept. The resulting design combines the natural materials of Swiss chalets with the stylish ambience of a luxury Alpine hotels. Special accents are set by the large wooden beams, in combination with modern, charcoal-coloured shelving and furniture.

The key visuals of Heidi Chocolat’s new launch campaign were brought-to-life as a three-dimensional mountain backdrop – with integrated lighting. Project manager Heinz Auer is pleased with the result:

“It was important for us to work with a few select materials. This way, visitors to the Heidi Chocolat flagship stores are immersed in the ambience of a stylish, Swiss wooden chalet.”