Bosshard-Farben AG at appli-tech

Customer Bosshard-Farben AG

One booth, two bold appearances

At appli-tech in Lucerne, Bosshard-Farben AG presented several brands at their 315 m2 booth. One side showcased Bosshard building protection products and arbezol wood protection products under the slogan “Inspired by nature.” White furniture and custom-designed columns presented product samples, with a real fruit tree in the center. The other side, which presented Sax colors for the preservation of historical monuments, stood out with its burgundy carpet, pink-red walls, and black three-dimensional squares.

The custom-made exhibits were planned, welded, carpentered, and painted or plastered in cooperation with the customer in Effretikon. Real teamwork!

The paint expert at the industry meeting in Lucerne

Bosshard-Farben AG produces paints, varnishes, and glazes for building and wood preservation as well as for the preservation of historical monuments. The Swiss-owned family company also supplies our team of carpenters and painters. The company showcased its innovative product portfolio at appli-tech, the trade fair for painting and plastering, drywall construction, and insulation. appli-tech has made a name for itself as the industry’s meeting place in Switzerland, gathering around 10,000 visitors in Lucerne in 2023.

appli-tech took place in Lucerne from February 8 to 10, 2023. The industry get-together attracted some 10,000 visitors.

The exhibition stand: one area, several brands

Our team was responsible for planning and implementing the concept of the trade fair stand at appli-tech. The 315 m2 area was divided into two worlds:

One side of the booth showcased the Bosshard building protection and arbezol wood protection product brands under the slogan “Inspired by nature.” The furniture and custom-designed columns with product samples were in white, as were the booth’s walls, which were decorated with minimalist prints of nature motifs. At the center stood a real fruit tree.

The other side of the booth, which presented the Sax brand’s colors for the preservation of historic buildings, transported visitors to a completely different world. Imposing black cut frames rose from the burgundy carpet against the backdrop of pink-red walls. The large three-dimensional exhibits jutted into the room at various angles, directing visitors’ eyes to the headline on the booth’s rear wall.

The exhibition stand: one area, several brands

All our workshops had a hand in the realization of the booth. The structures for the frames, for example, were made by our locksmiths and planked by our carpenters. Printing, painting, and varnishing were also carried out at our facility in Effretikon.

Even the customer’s samples were painted in our workshops. For this, we had the pleasure of welcoming the Bosshard team to Effretikon. Real teamwork from A to Z!