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Temporary Architecture:

As a globally active specialist in temporary exhibition structures, Expomobilia has a highly developed and broad knowledge base. We use this expertise to support our clients and ensure effective delivery and implementation of our modular system constructions in a timely manner and on budget. By choosing Expomobilia as your general contractor, planner, fabricator, and supplier, you will have exclusive access to our effective and comprehensive services. When it comes to outstanding, on-time implementation of creative ideas, our worldwide expertise in modular buildings really pays off. Expomobilia provides customers with tailor-made solutions, ranging from design and feasibility studies, technical planning, assembly, breakdown, and site preparation.


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Theatre Pavilion for Harry Potter and the Entchanted Child Show in Hamburg

Our team built the visitor pavilion for the theatrical world success Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child at Hamburg's Mehr! Theatre in Hamburg. In the record speed of seven weeks, the electrical, wooden and metal components prefabricated in Switzerland were assembled in front of Hamburg's wholesale market. The construction was not only completed on time, but also true to detail, free of defects and within the given budget.

Expomobilia | Theater Pavillon
Expomobilia | Theater Pavillon

The spectacular theatre experience all about Harry Potter

While lorries and forklifts whiz past each other in the early hours of the morning at Hamburg's wholesale market, in the evening visitors to the Mehr! Theatre. The currently most successful theatre production in the world, Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child, will soon celebrate its premiere there. For this spectacular live experience in two parts, the Mehr! Theatre is being extensively rebuilt. During the intermission between parts one and two, visitors can enjoy refreshments in the specially constructed theatre pavilion.

The Theatre Pavilion

The Theatre Pavilion was designed by Jacob Höppner of the London architectural firm Carmody Groarke and built by the Expomobilia team. The round pavilion has a diameter of 46 m and an area of 1'660 m2. This means that the pavilion can hold up to 1,500 visitors. The building consists of a wooden structure covered with an aluminium façade. Electrical, wood and metal construction were prefabricated in Switzerland and then assembled in just seven weeks in front of the Mehr! Theatre. An extraordinarily short period of time to carry out the many details as precisely and accurately as our team managed. Project manager Sandro Usznula blames this on the particularly harmonious collaboration with the client and architect: "The collaboration with Mehr! Theatre AG as the client and the architectural firm Carmody Groarke worked exceptionally well."

Architecture Award

In January 2021, the theatre pavilion received the BDA jury prize Hamburg 1st rank from the Association of German Architects. The jury praised "the silver flying disc in front of the Grossmarkthallen" as a "magical place" and described the style as "cosy, idiosyncratic, spartan and full of character".

Expomobilia | Theater Pavillon
Expomobilia | Theater Pavillon
Expomobilia | Theater Pavillon
Expomobilia | Theater Pavillon

Project description

  • 46m diameter
  • 1'660 m2 area
  • Up to 1'500 visitors
  • Only 7 weeks construction time
  • Electrical, wood and metal construction prefabricated in Switzerland
  • Client: Mehr! Theater
  • Design: Carmody Groarke
  • Construction: Expomobilia

Temporary Infrastructure for Conferences TIC

The Palais des Nations in Geneva at the UN's European headquarters will undergo extensive renovation from 2020 - 2025. Meanwhile, part of the UN conferences will take place in a temporary replacement building (TIC). Expomobilia built this in cooperation with the Dutch tent and hall construction specialist Neptunus. Neptunus took over the construction of the building shell and Expomobilia the responsibility for the entire interior construction including technology. The latter included electrical, IT, audio-video, ventilation and air-conditioning as well as security systems. In addition, the Expomobilia team was responsible for the general planning as well as project coordination, building permits, commissioning and organisation of the official inspections and handover to the UN.

Expomobilia | TIC UN Geneva
Expomobilia | TIC UN Geneva
Expomobilia | TIC UN Geneva
Expomobilia | TIC UN Geneva

Despite delays caused by Corona, the replacement building was planned, completed and handed over in only ten months. In addition, the Expomobilia team developed innovative solutions in the area of materialisation and construction methods:

  • For the cladding of the conference hall, material was used that is usually used for the insulation of basement and multi-storey car park ceilings. In the temporary conference building, this allowed the high acoustic requirements in the rooms to be met.
  • The sloping conference floor was made of scaffolding material. Sandwich panels were laid on top. These panels are normally only used for walls and roofs. On the one hand, this method is sustainable (reusability of the materials) and on the other hand, it is installed very quickly.
  • In order to lay the numerous audio and IT cables in the floor, an additional raised floor was installed. Such a floor is normally only used in exhibition stand construction. This material (OCTANORM) has also been used in other buildings before.
Expomobilia | TIC UN Geneva
Expomobilia | TIC UN Geneva

Kennedy Pavillon

The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival

The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival

At this year’s Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, held at the beginning of November, the creative hats of the visitors were not the only eye-catching things on display. There were also the exquisite sponsor pavilions. The Kennedy Luxury Group relied on a design by the architects from La Cellula Lab for a temporary exhibition structure, which transported visitors to a modern-day equestrian wonderland.

As general contractor, Expomobilia was responsible for implementing the intricate modular building design of La Cellula Lab. The contract included project management, engineering, production, transport to Australia, and on-site supervision of the installation. The Expomobilia team faced two challenges at once. First, the project had to be implemented according to Australian standards and each element had to pass through Australian customs on time. This left only eight weeks to plan and produce the project. Second, the pavilion is to be used over a period of five years, which means that the modular system construction had to be of such high quality that the pavilion could be erected and dismantled several times. A balancing act that the Expomobilia team mastered with flying colours.

The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival
The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival
The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival
The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival
The Kennedy Pavilion at the Melbourne VRC Spring Racing Carnival

Reflections 2020

Belles Vue 2020
Belles Vue 2020 - Expomobilia is globally successful with pavilion construction.

EXPO 2020: Cross a sea of fog at the Swiss pavilion "Reflections"

At the World Exposition, Switzerland takes visitors on a journey of discovery through its alpine hiking paradise. The «Reflections» pavilion is divided into three dramatic acts and welcomes guests from afar with a national Swiss cross reflection, that is visible in the roof of the modular system construction. In the first open-air act and protected by parasols, visitors become familiar with traditional Swiss values. The actual entrance to the modular building then appears in form of a crystal cave. In the second act, visitors can hike through a sea of fog, climbing up to the summit with breath-taking panoramic views of the Swiss mountains whilst discovering «opportunities and possibilities». The third act, a temporary exhibition structure on the ground floor, focuses on innovations from Swiss companies and start-ups.

Expomobilia is globally successful with temporary exhibition structures

MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG and Expomobilia are successfully on track for the World Exposition. Following the mandates for the pavilions from Finland, Holland and Norway, the award of the «Präsenz Schweiz» contract by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) is a great honour: «We are extremely pleased to be able to make Switzerland's official appearance at the World Expo in Dubai. Expo 2020 focuses on sustainability, for which Switzerland is a highly credible country», enthuses Florian Faber, CEO of MCH Live Marketing Solutions Ltd. The design concept was created by Zurich-based «OOS Architekten» in collaboration with the three-dimensional communication studio «Bellprat Partner» and «Lorenz Eugster - Landschaftsarchitektur und Städtebau». As implementation partner, Expomobilia is responsible for the entire modular system construction of the design concept. «As a renowned Swiss company, we are very proud to have received the mandate for the Swiss Pavilion in Dubai following our work for their modular buildings at the World Expo 2017 in Astana», reports Reto Ginsig, Project Manager at Expomobilia AG.


Ocean Space 2020


Ocean Space: the Norwegian pavilion for the World Exhibition 2020 will put the sea and people in the spotlight

Together with the design team of “Rintala Eggertsson Architects” from Oslo and the live content specialists “Five Currents” from Los Angeles, Expomobilia will be responsible for all modular system construction activities in its role as general contractor. The close relationship between Norwegians and the ocean living environment with its maritime treasures will take visitors on a journey through an underwater world. The modular building is made from aluminium and glass panels, externally reminiscent of a ship, and will boast an interior based on an underwater topography. With sophisticated light technology, this temporary exhibition structure will have sleek furnishings: New technologies and innovations from the field of event technology will capture the atmosphere and allow visitors to immerse themselves in the ocean experience. Digitally guided tours will provide an insight into an often-hidden world and allow the topic of sustainability to be explored. Fishing and the rich maritime culture are to be brought to life both physically and with augmented reality.

Four Temporary Exhibition Structures at the World Exhibition 2020

Florian Faber, CEO of MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG, is delighted about what turned out to be the third pavilion project in Dubai: “We had already been able to announce our role as general contractor for the construction of the Finnish and Dutch modular buildings. For “Innovation Norway”, we will also take on responsibility for general project management with respect to the spatial and scenographic representation of Norway at the 2020 World Expo. This is a great honour for us and will once again showcase our global expertise in producing sustainable temporary exhibition structures for brand staging in a global setting. Norway’s pavilion will bring visitors under the spell of the ocean and its underwater world.” As a market leader in modular system construction, Expomobilia is committed to sustainability. The plans for the pavilion, which is modelled on a ship, do not involve the elaborate fixed anchoring of the pavilion in the foundation, meaning hardly any concrete is required. Following the World Expo, it will be possible to reuse practically all of the construction elements. Norway attaches great importance to ensuring the highest possible sustainability ratio – a credo that Expomobilia has also maintained for a number of years.


Consortium with Expomobilia wins contract for the World Exhibition 2020 Dutch Pavilion

A consortium comprising Expomobilia, V8 Architects, Kossmann.dejong and Witteveen+Bos has been selected to design and construct the Dutch pavilion in Dubai. The award was made following a European tender procedure with a total of eleven consortiums participating.

Expomobilia dutch Pavilion

Circular climate control

The winning bid will give the Netherlands a pavilion that stands out when it comes to circulation and the use of innovative, sustainable technologies. The modular building is to feature a circular climate control system, seamlessly integrating it with the Netherlands' chosen theme: 'Uniting water, energy & food'. Visitors from both the private and business spheres will be treated to an intense sensory experience of natural phenomena, while the overall architectural appeal of the temporary exhibition structure is to be an inspiration within the Dubai premises. In addition to designing and constructing the pavilion, the consortium will also be responsible for integral maintenance and dismantling. The design was presented in December 2018.


The consortium brings together the necessary expertise for the project, with experience in modular system construction (Expomobilia), architecture (V8 Architects), interactive visitor experiences (Kossmann.dejong) and integral installation and construction engineering (Witteveen+Bos). The team can also boast a strong network in Dubai and close collaborations with Dutch start-ups and innovations.

PAV Holland

World Exhibition 2020

The 35th universal exposition will take place in Dubai from 20 October 2020 until 10 April 2021. This will be the first time an international exposition is held in the Middle East. Some 170 participating countries will present ideas, innovations and technologies inspired by the Expo theme 'Connecting minds, creating the future'. The Dutch participation aims to offer a platform to Dutch stakeholders from both public and private sectors, helping them to strengthen their networks and positioning in the Gulf region – not just during the EXPO but also during the lead-up to the event.

For more information about the Dutch representation, please visit:


Snow Cape: The Finland Pavilion at the World Exhibition 2020

The tender for the construction of the Finland Pavilion in Dubai has been awarded to the international project team of Expomobilia, JKMM Architects, Factor Nova, Beyond Limits and FiveCurrents. The modular building will focus on the themes of nature, innovation and sustainability.
Pavilion Finnland
Pavilion Finnland

Finland Pavilion: A tribute to the land of thousand lakes.

“Snow Cape” is the name of the temporary exhibition structure with which Finland is going to present itself at the World Exhibition 2020. Inspired by the white blanket of snow which covers the Finnish landscape in winter, the Finland Pavilion resembles a white tent made of snow. The visual identity of Finland Pavilion is incorporating both Finnish and Arabic cultures, starting with the main entrance which gives an impression of arriving in an Arabic tent. Finnish natural design and innovation is combined with Arabic visual features. Finnish components and materials have played an important role in the design of the Snow Cape pavilion. Finland has a unique and extensive tradition of design and architecture. The modular building may be viewed as a design object relating to the history of this heritage. Within the complex and visually noisy Expo environment, Finland Pavilion offers clarity and serenity. From outside the shape is simple but refined. In the middle of modular system construction, a dynamic wooden space “Gorge” is carved into the building, offering Expo visitors a pleasantly cool and shady retreat. The “Gorge” also relates to the unique Finnish history of innovation, which often requires thinking “out of the box”, with elements of surprise. In the pavilion, the surprise is the wooden heart and exhibitions inside. In addition, Finland pavilion is a place representing Finland's closeness to nature and personal exchange, in accordance with the motto of the EXPO 2020: “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”.

Background information: The World Exhibition 2020 and the Finnish pavilion

From 20th October 2020 to 10th April 2021, Dubai will host the next world exposition. More than 180 countries will be taking part, under the theme "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. EXPO 2020 is the first world expo in the Arabic-speaking region. The organisers expect that about 70 percent of the visitors will come from other countries. On behalf of Business Finland, the project team called “Finland Pavilion building team” – consisting of the companies Expomobilia, JKMM Architects, Factor Nova, Beyond Limits and FiveCurrents is responsible for the planning and modular system construction of the Finnish pavilion in Dubai. The concept, planning and execution of the Finnish temporary exhibition structure is being undertaken by JKMM Architects (Helsinki, Finland) and Expomobilia - MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG (Zurich, Switzerland). JKMM Architects with help of FiveCurrents and Factor Nova have put together the design concept for the modular building and Expomobilia, as global general contractor, is looking after the overall planning and project management in the implementation process. The partners Factor Nova (Finland), Beyond Limits (UAE) and FiveCurrents (USA) have an advisory and support role across all phases of the project from design to delivery.


Infiniti Goodwood


550 square meters of modular system construction in 18 days.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a motor sports event held every summer since 1993 at the grounds of Goodwood House near Chichester in West Sussex, England. Expomobilia was commissioned to create the temporary exhibition structure “Infiniti space” in the middle of these wonderful gardens. The size, shape and design of the modular buildings, constructed on approximately 550 square meters of space, change every year.
Infinity Goodwood England 2014 Project organization by Expomobilia
Infinity Goodwood England 2014 Brand experience by Expomobilia
Infinity Goodwood England 2014 Project development by Expomobilia