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Sustainable modular design wood system

Wood instead of aluminum

Expomobilia is the only company in Switzerland to offer its customers a sustainable modular design system for event and booth construction based on certified oak wood. Expomobilia installs the system as an authorised EECS.green GmbH dealer. The system can be deployed as modules and is 100 percent reusable. It offers a sustainable alternative to standard aluminum-based event stand construction systems. Producing one ton of raw aluminum releases 22,000 kg of CO2, while producing the same amount of wood releases no more than 360 kg.

Sustainable and attractive

Oak wood is characterized by its distinctive grain and warm yellow-brown color. Moreover, it is a relatively heavy, dense deciduous wood that is highly resistant to wear.

One system – countless possibilities

Straight lines, right angles, premium oak wood, and matching furniture are just a few differentiators offered by our sustainable event stand construction system.

The following options are available for wall construction

  • Image on wooden walls
  • Image on canvas with a keder rail
  • Image on printed canvas with an LED backlight
  • Video wall with LED screen panels

Schroders at the pension fund symposium

The investment strategies of the asset manager Schroders are increasingly characterized by the topic of sustainability. It’s a theme that is also visible in how the firm presents itself to the public. Their 24 m2 event stand was designed and realized using our sustainable modular design wood system.

A patented connector system

Our stand construction system consists of oak wood oak uprights and frames with a 95-by-95-millimeter cross-section and a length of between half a meter and six meters. Our team uses a patented system to plug these together during assembly and unplug them again during dismantling. This means that they can be assembled and disassembled without tools. Once assembled, the connecting fittings are hidden from view.

Expomobilia is an authorised dealer of EECS.green GmbH.

Your sustainable event stand made of oak wook

Let us design your sustainable exhibition stand from scratch or plan an implementation based on an existing design. Request further information.

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