A Crystal World for Swarovski

Customer Swarovski

“Wings of Sparkle” at Baselworld

The idea

The exhibition stand for Baselworld 2013 transforms the language of Swarovski into an atmospheric concept combined with images. Taking the theme of “Wings of Sparkle”, the company worked with Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka to create a very special world – the timeless and beautiful world of Swarovski.

Located in the exhibition hall newly constructed by Herzog & De Meuron, the exhibition stand incorporates the multi-storey atrium and takes “Light” as its central theme. Sophisticated design features, the latest technology, sparkling products and perfectly coordinated and harmonious colours, forms and luminosity combine to give visitors a fascinating light experience, while representing the most important characteristics of Swarovski: the magical reflections produced when light falls on precision-cut crystal.

The design concept

The Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka developed the design concept for the exhibition stand. “Wings of Sparkle” is an allusion to the famous Swarovski swan and also conveys the message that reflected light and artistic designs using sparkling crystals lend wings to the imagination.

The designer’s inspiration is characterised in particular by the computer animation projected onto the facade. At 155 metres in size and with more than 253,231 mirror-covered hexagonal reflectors, it is a striking feature of the circular exhibition stand.

The new stand is seven times larger than its predecessor, with a floor area of more than 2000 m2 divided over two storeys. Visitors enter the stand through two main entrances and can then move into the “Watches” or “Jewellery” areas that reflect the main themes of Baselworld. The internal walls, which are 21 metres long and 3 metres high and separate the exhibition area from the bar and press room, sparkle with a total of 34,800 Swarovski crystals that follow the design of the stand exterior. Visitors can also enter or leave the stand through another four side entrances.



Swarovski is represented on the curved facade by 253,000 hexagonal chrome reflectors, 24,800 of which are fitted with computer-controlled leds.


computer-controlled leds

As General Contractor, Expomobilia was responsible for the planning, production and installation of the Swarovski pavilion. Being modular, the two-story structure is easy to store and has been reconstructed for Baselworld each year since 2013.