Sustainable temporary construction

Honoured at the "Big 5 Construction Impact Awards"


Resource conserving materials in construction

Expomobilia designs and builds exhibition stands and pavilions for trade fairs and exhibitions as well as designing whole events. Everything it creates, including interior fittings, is designed to last and be reused. Our customers are able to source wooden walls, for example, from environmentally certified local suppliers, so that resources are conserved and transportation distances minimized. We offer a large choice of print and canvas items made from easily recyclable or biodegradable stamoids and other materials. A large and tempting variety of eco-fleeces and woodblock floorings made from durable indigenous woods is also available. Light fittings are mostly fitted with modern and extremely durable LED lamps that require ten times less electricity than traditional lamps. And, last but not least, as far as the optimization of logistics is concerned, we make sure that only vehicles with ECO Euro 5 engines, which currently have the lowest harmful substance emission levels, are used as transport.

Our commitment: certified co2 neutral stands

We are committed to producing durable stand structures that can be reused many times and which are made, among other things, from a wide variety of reusable or biodegradable materials and lighting elements with low energy, long-life lamps. At our sites in Effretikon and Fehraltorf we run two photovoltaic plants, with a combined surface area of 3000 square meters and generating an average of 435 MWh a year. Also, we draw our entire electricity requirement from the 100% Swiss Ökostrom (“eco-electricity”: Ökostrom Schweiz is a Swiss renewable energy initiative), which is sourced from the independent green electricity specialists FAIR POWER. The FAIR POWER certificate guarantees that this electricity has been ecologically produced and fed onto the grid for us. The CO2 portion of hydroelectricity production is fully compensated for via the Fair Recycling Foundation. Because we draw our requirement from Ökostrom our CO2 emissions are 112 tonnes CO2-emissions less than if we had purchased our electricity on the conventional electricity market. We source the heat we require for the company’s buildings from the district heating network operated by Elektrizitätswerke des Kantons Zürich.

The 3 steps principle

  1. We generate sustainability by reducing emissions, energy use and waste, identifying potential savings and avoiding waste.
  2. We replace polluting products and processes with alternative materials and processes.
  3. Compensating for unavoidable emissions through targeted engagement with for example myclimate projects.

Temporary and sustainable

We proudly bring high-quality projects to life using sustainable, resource-conscious materials and processes. Like the four national pavilions built for the World Expo in Dubai!

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