One-stop solutions

Expomobilia has the expertise to provide customers worldwide with the tailor-made solutions they want for a stand or pavilion construction or event design project, from the design and feasibility study stages through detailed planning, construction and fabrication to the assembly stage, including logistics and storage.

General contractor

As General Contractor, Expomobilia has responsibility for all planning and project management for temporary exhibition structure and brand experience projects, and guarantees that its creation will be ready for use at handover.
Generalunternehmer Projektmanagement by Expomobilia
Generalunternehmer gesamte Planung by Expomobilia
Generalunternehmer schlüsselfertiger Messebau by Expomobilia

Project planning

Expomobilia works with project teams of which the key members have been chosen both for their experience on similar projects and according to the requirements of the particular phase of the project.
Projektplanung Erfahrung Messebau by Expomobilia
Projektplanung originelle ausgefallene Planung by Expomobilia
Projektplanung Wertoptimiert  by Expomobilia


Ideas are born of the tension between a customer’s wishes and the DNA of its brand. Initial ideas come with a few creatively drawn lines and then develop into a 3D visual or an animated film.
Design Technisch anspruchsvoll by Expomobilia
Design Messebau Handskizzen by Expomobilia
Design kreative 3D-Visual design by Expomobilia

Project development

Approval of a fair or exhibition design is followed by a feasibility study, followed in turn by the development and sampling phases, the construction of a prototype and the detailed planning.
Projektentwicklung Machbarkeitsstudie by Expomobilia
Projektentwicklung Bemusterung und Prototypenbau by Expomobilia
Projektentwicklung Detailplanung by Expomobilia

Construction engineering

When it comes to creating cost-efficient solutions for technically demanding projects our engineering know-how is second to none. We offer innovative, creative and value optimized solutions to meet all challenges.
Bautechnik Engineering-Know-how by Expomobilia
Bautechnik technisch anspruchsvoll by Expomobilia
Bautechnik wertoptimierte Lösungen für alle Herausforderungen  by Expomobilia

Quality control

As a Swiss company, Expomobilia is accustomed to offering the highest quality. For this reason, quality management and project control are integral to the organization of every project we undertake. Open and transparent communication is a key factor in efficient project management.
Qualitätskontrolle Qualitativ hochstehend by Expomobilia
Qualitätskontrolle Projektkontrolle fester Bestandteil by Expomobilia
Qualitätskontrolle originelles Projektmanagement by Expomobilia


Together with our procurement department, the project team checks both in-house and outsourced production at every stage. We work with a comprehensive quality management system in order to assure the highest production standards.
Herstellung Erfahrung Bautechnik by Expomobilia
Herstellung Technisch anspruchsvoll by Expomobilia
Herstellung qualitativ hochstehend by Expomobilia

Construction phase and supervision

Our stress-tested assembly teams are expert, reliable and highly flexible. Our experience since 1973 in both system and individual construction has meant that we have developed a high quality and professional team of fitters. During the construction phase we provide on-site project management for the duration of the project. We rely on the most modern methods of supervision to ensure that the necessary materials are available on site at start of work.
Bauphase und Überwachung Bautechnik by Expomobilia
Bauphase und Überwachung Sachverständnis by Expomobilia
Bauphase und Überwachung Erfahrung Messebau by Expomobilia

Logistics & warehouse management

We manage over 30,000 square meters of warehouse space distributed across our international logistics hubs in which we store our customers’ materials. Our tried and tested logistics and warehouse management tool enables us to take care of every step of the process, as with this online tool we can check materials availability at all times.
Logistik und Lagermanagement Eventbau by Expomobilia
Logistik und Lagermanagement Erfahrung Standbau by Expomobilia
Logistik und Lagermanagement Generalunternehmen by Expomobilia

Logistic movie

Health and safety monitoring

Health and safety protection on construction sites is very important to us. We deploy the necessary resources to promote the observance of laws and regulations and provide a working environment that is safe and non-hazardous to health.
Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsüberwachung Erfahrung Messebau by Expomobilia