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Sponsoring Excellence Award


BIE Expo 2017 Award

Gold & Silver Award for the Swiss Pavilion @ EXPO2017 Astana!
The Golden Award has been awarded by the renowned BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) in the category "Development". The silver award was given in the "Best Presentation" category. An international jury of nine members visited each pavilion of the 115 countries and the 22 international organizations participating in Expo 2017 Astana. In four different categories, depending on the size of the participation in the country, the official participant prizes were awarded either for exhibition design or for the development of the theme "Future Energy".
Expo Astana 2017 Swiss Pavilion Golden Award by Expomobilia

We are very proud and happy about the two received awards.

XAVER Award 2017

On 18 May 2017, the Expo-Event.Live Communication Association once again recognised the high-quality work of event agencies, trade fair organisers, promotion companies, suppliers, exhibition centres, venues and their customers. 
In the “Best Supplier Services” category, the jury presented us, Maag Music & Arts AG and Winkler Multi Media Events AG with the silver award for our Box-in-the-box-concept, project. We received the bronze award, together with Swisslos, Contexta AG and Rufener Events, in the “Best Consumer/POS Event” category for our Schweizer im Goldfieber (Swiss gold rush) project.

Xaver Award 2017 silber und bronze by expomobilia

We are pleased to announce that we have won two of the prestigious XAVER awards.

Silver: Export Award with project Haval

We are very pleased to won the Silver Export Award 2016 for our project for Haval at Auto Shanghai 2015.

The three-storey exhibition stand with a curved aluminium structure covered a total area of 3000 square metres and was illuminated alternately in red and blue, in line with Haval's "Red and Blue" brand strategy. The stand seems to have impressed Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Swiss export promotion forum, because we have been nominated for its Export Award in the "Step-in" category along with two other companies. The presentation of the award will be one of the highlights of the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade & Investment which is taking place on 21 April 2016 at Messe Zurich.
Silber Export Award für Expomobilia mit dem Projekt Haval

We are very pleased to won the Silver Export Award 2016 for our project for Haval at Auto Shanghai 2015.

German Design Award Special Mention

Swarovski was awarded a Special Mention in the Architecture and Interior Design category for the impressive design quality of its “Wings of Sparkle” exhibition stand. The award recognises creations with particularly successful design features or solutions. It represents an important acknowledgement of the outstanding commitment made by companies and designers.


The exhibition stand for Baselworld 2013 transforms the language of Swarovski into an atmospheric concept combined with images. Taking the theme of “Wings of Sparkle”, the company worked with Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka to create a very special world – the timeless and beautiful world of Swarovski.

Located in the exhibition hall newly constructed by Herzog & De Meuron, the exhibition stand incorporates the multi-storey atrium and takes “Light” as its central theme. Sophisticated design features, the latest technology, sparkling products and perfectly coordinated and harmonious colours, forms and luminosity combine to give visitors a fascinating light experience, while representing the most important characteristics of Swarovski: the magical reflections produced when light falls on precision-cut crystal.


The Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka developed the design concept for the exhibition stand. “Wings of Sparkle” is an allusion to the famous Swarovski swan and also conveys the message that reflected light and artistic designs using sparkling crystals lend wings to the imagination.

The designer’s inspiration is characterised in particular by the computer animation projected onto the facade. At 155 metres in size and with more than 253,231 mirror-covered hexagonal reflectors, it is a striking feature of the circular exhibition stand.

 The new stand is seven times larger than its predecessor, with a floor area of more than 2000 square metres divided over two storeys. Visitors enter the stand through two main entrances and can then move into the “Watches” or “Jewellery” areas that reflect the main themes of Baselworld. The internal walls, which are 21 metres long and 3 metres high and separate the exhibition area from the bar and press room, sparkle with a total of 34,800 Swarovski crystals that follow the design of the stand exterior. Visitors can also enter or leave the stand through another four side entrances.

The teams at Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG in Männedor in Switzerland and in the Corporate Communication & Design Services department of D. Swarovski KG in Wattens in Austria worked on the project for almost 18 months. As in previous years, Expomobilia (a subsidiary of MCH Swiss Exhibition) was responsible for building the stand.
Swarovski gewinnt den German Design Award Special Mention by Expomobilia

German Design Award Special Mention 2014 - Swarovski „Wings of Sparkle“

Red Dot Design und Xaver Award Swarovski

With Wings of Sparkle, Expomobilia’s trade fair stand design for BASELWORLD 2013 and 2014, Swarovski impressed the Red Dot Award’s 40-member international expert panel and the Swiss Xaver Award’s eight-member jury of with its exceptional design quality.

Red Dot Product Design Award 2014:
In the current competition, the international experts of the Red Dot Design Award discussed and evaluated 4,815 entries from 53 nations. Awards went exclusively to designs demonstrating compelling quality and innovative power as well as the capacity to excite. The Expomobilia exhibition stand for Swarovski triumphed and received the coveted Red Dot quality seal.

Xaver Award 2014:
Swarovski and Expomobilia also took home the golden Xaver Award 2014 in the category Best Expo Projects. The award highlights outstanding achievements in the expo and event industry for a wider public and honours extraordinary productions and their implementation in a 3D brand experience.

Wings of Sparkle is a play on the internationally-known company logo, the famed Swarovksi swan. The light reflections and artistic approach to brilliant crystals sends the imagination on flights of fancy. The Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka’s inspiration is most evident in the façade: over 253,000 mirrored, hexagonal reflectors illuminated by computer-animated LEDs depict the reflection of the sun on a water surface. With a circumference of 155 metres, the round façade is an unmissable feature. The two-storey stand covers 2,000 square metres. Visitors enter the stand through two main entrances and can explore the Watches and Jewellery sections. The 21-metre long and three-metre high interior walls sparkle with a total of 34,800 Swarovski crystals, reflecting the design of the exterior walls. The development and implementation of this extraordinary stand construction was carried out by Expomobilia - MCH Live Marketing Solutions AG, international exhibition architects based in Effretikon-Zürich.
Renault und Swarovski gewinnen den Red Dot Design Award mit dem Messestand von Expomobilia
Xaver Event Award by Expomobilia

Red Dot Design Award Renault

The Bump - Renault Salon 2013
The jury’s explanation:
“The spacious, inspirational design of the new Renault stand creates an animated atmosphere that appeals to the senses and appropriately represents the brand values of motion and change.”

The new Renault stand has been designed for use at international motor shows all over the world, including Geneva, Frankfurt, Shanghai and Buenos Aires. The design concept is based on the value of motion, which is shared by all the vehicles on display. The aim was for the stand to represent the feeling of movement. In order to achieve this, the concept vehicles or new models are arranged concentrically on two raised areas or bumps and presented on rotating platforms. This gives observers a different view of the cars depending on where they are standing. The floor and ceiling lights reinforce the feeling of motion created by the three-dimensional presentation. Balls of light move in harmony and undergo subtle colour changes to give the impression of wave-like movements. Expomobilia was responsible for the construction of Renault’s new stand concept.
Renault und Swarovski gewinnen den Red Dot Design Award mit dem Messestand von Expomobilia

Renault scoops the Red Dot Design Award witht "The Bump" at motor show geneva 2013.

GET Nord Architektur Award 2012

A golden moment – the gold GET Nord ArchitekturAward, presented for the first time this year, went to Geberit. The company was recognised for an exhibition stand concept based on its new corporate design. According to the panel of judges, this was the concept which most appealed to architects. The evaluation criteria included the stand design, advertising message and appeal to the target groups.
Geberit gewinnt den GET Nord Architektur Award für das Messekonzept by Expomobilia

Expomobilia is pleased to have been able to create the stand on Geberit’s behalf.