Ocean Space: Norwegian pavilion highlights maritime treasures at World Expo 2020

Expomobilia - Norway Pavilion at World Expo 2020

Sustainable underwater journey to Norway’s maritime treasures

With the “Ocean Space” project, Norway will convey the relationship between people and the sea. This close relationship between Norwegians and the ocean environment with its maritime treasures is the key element for visitors to the pavilion, while they embark on a journey through an underwater world. New gadgets and innovations from the field of event technology will capture the atmosphere and allow visitors to immerse themselves in the ocean experience. Digitally guided tours will provide an insight into an often hidden world and allow the topic of sustainability to be explored.

Ship like exterior gleams with a shiny mosaic of aluminium and glass

The Norwegian pavilion made from aluminium and glass panels is externally reminiscent of a ship and will boast an interior based on an underwater topography with sophisticated light technology and sleek furnishings. The construction plans for the pavilion do not involve the usually elaborately fixed anchoring of the pavilion in the foundation, meaning hardly any concrete is required and the highest possible sustainability ratio is achieved. The pavilion is named ‘Knarr’, the Old Norse term for a type of ship built for long sea voyages and used during the Viking expansion. It therefore symbolises travels to overcome challenges and reach unknown destinations, which are equally relevant today as during the Viking ages. 

Expomobilia - Norway Pavilion at World Expo 2020
Expomobilia - Norway Pavilion at World Expo 2020

Facts & Figures

Innovation Norway / Norwegian government

Rintala Eggertsson Architects (Oslo, Norway)

Five Currents (Los Angeles, USA)

Project Duration
Build 2019 – 2021, Display 20.10.2020 – 10.04.2021

Virtual reality and live content enhanced participative maritime experiences

Expomobilia’s services and partners

As general contractor for “Innovation Norway”, we are not only responsible for construction but also for the general project management with respect to the spatial and scenographic representation of Norway at the 2020 World Expo. This allows us to showcase our global expertise in producing sustainable brand staging solutions on the world stage once again. The beautiful design concept was created by Rintala Eggertsson Architects, a renowned Norwegian firm founded in 2007 by the Finnish architect Sami Rintala and the Icelandic architect Dagur Eggertsson. The office bases its activities on teaching, furniture design, public art projects, architecture and planning. Their work has been described as narrative and conceptual. The American content experts FiveCurrents will be providing the live content for the inside of the pavilion, capturing the power of human emotions by creating unforgettable digital experiences for everyone.

Project planning by Expomobilia

With over 44 years of experience our internationally proven team of experts can always guarantee a high quality and timely project delivery. This project utilizes all of our strengths, from in-house production competences and warehouse management skills to procurement and contract management expertise as well as our worldwide supplier networks and partner portfolio.

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